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Aug 13, 2014


I have thought long and hard about writing this exposé. I guess it could be defamatory in a way. I won't wait any longer to spill my guts on the page that is mine. For thirteen years, since 2001, I have been a big fan of a show, the actors and singers involved, but namely one singer, and her name is Alexz Johnson. Since 2001 a lot has changed for Alexz Johnson. Alexz has acted in television and movies, released five soundtracks featuring her vocals, she’s been featured on several albums, written with and for other artists, recorded four albums herself and had two of them shelved by Capitol and Epic Records. She worked with Demacio "DemoCastellon and remixed her debut album 'Voodoo', calling it Reloaded.  Alexz has released a live album, two EPs, and three demo albums featuring the songs she has written and recorded with her producer brother Brendan Johnson. Alexz has also been an artist susceptible to hackers, an unknown source/sources have stolen and leaked a lot of her material online over the years.

The point is; she is a rising star of a singer/ actress and her ‘following’ has only grown over the past 13 years since her debut as the songstress Annie Thelen of Disney’s 'So Weird' back in '01.

As a fan, I have always been on the sidelines; watching, listening, and reaching out via social media outlets to her, her colleagues, and my fellow fans. I have enjoyed sharing my rare finds, my ideas, and my love for the singer and her work. I've even met her in person twice by visiting her shows and purchasing her VIP packages and I've donated to two of her fundraising campaigns to help fund her music career. Down right, she is a person I want to continue supporting and I feel as if I care about her like a long distant friend and I honestly wish her health, success, and satisfaction in her life.

This brings me to the point of this entry. With long time die-hard Alexz Johnson fans, come long time die-hard haters (fans). They sit back and nitpick Alexz publicly and put down the fans that care about her. 

Reasons aside, Alexz Johnson’s fan base has always been like this. A Yin Yang of fans, labeled by many, ‘The Alexz Fam’ and well… the others. 

Alexzclusive forum for fans… this became a haven for fans seeking to discuss and share information and opinions about the actress/ singer. It isn't difficult to find yourself there, searching for more songs or live footage and it can be a nice place to get to know others with similar interests in music and media… just don’t give any hint that you are in fact a human being. Or that you genuinely care for the person the forum is about.

Alexz Johnson’s latest campaign was a crowd funded album that has inadvertently taken the artist a year to complete. Many of her fans are in an uproar, even stating that somehow Alexz is purposefully trying to hinder her fans by hoarding her own music. ._.

I’m not here to defend myself or Alexz in any shape or form as that is all I seem to do as of late. Many fans have placed labels on me, because my love for Alexz isn't exactly a secret.

It’s exhausting and terrible to even think about, but in a way, it’s funny, disgraceful, and yet sad.

There are a few fans in particular who spend their time waiting to see what I write just to shoot it down or to call me delusional or a faggot. One thing that keeps me going though, is the fact that the singer, Alexz, has constantly shown me human compassion and respect. How can I be wrong in supporting her decision by the definition of some of her so-called fans, if the one I am a fan of; is respectful, cordial, and accepting? And the things that they voice about her in particular is hurtful to read, because it's unwarranted mostly, and the lack of human understanding is appalling.

There is a kink in this string… These mishap fans have the wrong idea. I recently had a fan disclose her fear of placing her opinion on the forum for fear that I might make it unmerited by making it positive somehow. Believe that?

I wanted to write this to hopefully allow some to see the negativity that their hateful comments conjure. Why I continue to return to the forum is beyond me. And yet, it’s helping me to spread my wings a bit to write this... it gives me strength to see Alexz making her own way through her life and career despite people standing in her face and demanding answers from her. As I said, reasons aside, she deserves the right to her privacy and her own creative freedom, no matter how long it takes her to release her work, crowd funded or not.

I have a career, I spend my time focused on my own endeavors and my leisure time has gone from seeking out euphoric melodies and sprinkling my love for Alexz all over the internet to snapshot-ting leaked lyrics of stolen Alexz songs and pictures fans have taken from me and captioned in my disfavor personally.

I want everyone to see some of the things I've witnessed, and you'll notice a trend, mainly one angry apple named Dylan. He's been a constant in the Alexz Johnson fandom for years and has quite the reputation for bullying other fans and I can personally see how his negativity has poisoned others ideas of the goings on between Alexz her fans and decisions she made in her career. 

The accusations are false and a cover front, in my opinion. There is always two ways to look at a situation. Fans fail to realize that it's not about the idolization, it's about being courteous that this person may see the things written, and if you don't care, which they mostly don't... then at least understand that your antagonism is un called for. It isn't about kissing an ass, it's about giving a shit how a person feels.

And just saying, by my viewpoint, and what I've personally witnessed... this Dylan person is the one who has stolen songs from Alexz, point blank, no doubt in my mind, and he/ she is the reason for all of the leaking... I am not the only person who believes this either. You see we've been keeping track of him, my fellow fans and I, and we are gathering more evidence for Alexz Johnson herself to eventually, eventually track him down herself. She deserves justice.

I have several more captioned pictures where he even has tried to frame me as such but any investigation of me and my goings on would put those accusations to bloody shame. 

I want you to know that this leaking charade won't last forever and your IP address is no longer a secret. Be careful stealing songs. It's one thing to listen to a widespread song, it's another to hack somebody's property and then leak their material. 

Here is an example, and I have loads more from this user and others:


Reasons again, aside, who deserves this treatment? I am not the only fan to undergo this sort of public defamation. 

Robby Fischer the owner of also deals with hateful fans on a regular basis because he isn't afraid to be himself and he openly supports Alexz by promoting her and visiting her shows. Some of the things you can read are painful. We understand that it's the price we pay by posting our faces for the world to see. 

The funny thing is that the main people who are hateful are the ones that hide behind the avatar of their favorite artist or actor and a witty username, slashing people with strong words not realizing the tole it takes on how the person may view the world or themselves. There have been cases of people even killing themselves over internet bullying, and in this article, I fire back, that this just won't stand anymore. 

I'm not saying I'm completely innocent, I've done and said things to these fans out of anger that I would re-think but nothing excuses this hatred and I've had enough. With this article I make my departure from the graveyard and I move to focus on the higher energy that is helping Alexz Johnson to grow... POSITIVE MEDIA. Bullying is not okay. I hold my head high, but this goes un talked about no longer! Stay tuned for my next article!


one example: 


  1. First things first: Yes, Dylan is a jerk. But he's far away of being a hacker or something. After all, don't we know that the person who hacked her was already caught? Nothing has happened since 2011.

    I can safely say no one on the forum would do that. If we get any leak, it is because we were some of the people that found out about it first or just because we are "known" to be involved because of shit people post on the internet, like you saying Dylan is a hacker.

    And we weren't judging you by your unconditional love, we were just trying to make you see how things are going, you are free to love her, but denying how things have been is really not good.

    Dunno what else to say here, my head aches and I need to sleep, so goodbye JimmyBoy.

    BTW, those Zeppelin lyrics are faker than my Escape lyrics.

  2. Jimmie, I am absolutely sorry about the harassment you have received on the forum. It's horrifying and saddening. And sadly, it's been overlooked for far too long on the forum... the bullying was never okay but has not been properly dealt with on Alexzclusive. (And regarding the examples you screencapped, at the time in 2013, Dylan deleted the thread where those posts were before Alex could do anything about it. And I was no longer a mod then.)

    I'm an unofficial admin/mod on Alexzclusive now. I used to be an official Alexzclusive moderator with mod privileges (Dylan was a mod too) but I had to recuse myself last fall due to an extreme conflict-of-interest that interfered with my ability to fairly, properly, and stably moderate the forum. (I've personally only been deeply hurt by one member on the forum and that person is why I cannot be an admin or mod there ever again...) So I fully understand that it's not "just the Internet" and that the words typed can and do cut deep inside. Unfortunately, around that time Dylan was still mod (when I wasn't) and he even attacked you when he was mod and then deleted the thread before Alex got home. So all I could do was tell the admins on FB.

    Yesterday, Alex and I discussed the cyber-harassment and it will no longer be ignored on Alexzclusive. He updated the Rule #1 thread with the revisited policy. Alex and I want to offer you our deepest apologies. If he had seen those posts, Dylan would have been dealt with then. Dylan has been warned now that if he posts anything else abusive towards you, he will be suspended and then banned from the forum. However, Dylan has also mentioned your use of the n word in some of your posts, which is offensive too. Because you are white, you don't have the right to use any version of that word. I fully agree with that. Please read You like hip-hop/rap music? Cool, but that doesn't give you a free pass to say the n word. You're writing your own raps? You can still write powerful raps without using a word you are not black to use. So both Dylan and you need to stop with the offensive slurs. Now you have been warned, Jimmie. If you use the n word again, your post will be deleted and you will be suspended. A lot of things have been ignored for too long on the forum. My account does not have the access to delete posts or suspend/ban members but I am still Please read Alex's new post in the Rule #1: No Personal Attacks thread.

    Dylan hasn't "poisoned" my opinions as Alexz fan. We aren't brainwashed by Dylan. lol. I've clicked 'like' to some of his posts but he has not shaped my opinions to what they are today. I can't speak for everyone on the forum, but my opinions are based on how I perceive Alexz's behaviors and her career choices... There is a difference between being understanding when shit happens and just being supportive for the sake of remaining supportive. It seems like every fanbase struggles with this ("good fans" vs. "bad fans" thing) so it's not exclusive to Alexz or her fandom. But discussing Alexz critically doesn't make us bad fans or horrible people. (There's a difference between expressing disappointment, etc. or questioning her choices and attacks against her/people in the fanbase. There is no place for the latter.) I think the divide in this fanbase is really sad because the various harassment seems to speak louder than any kind of common ground or unity we have... We all love Alexz's music...

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